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Hitter Handicap-Coach/Academy Set Up
Season: Hitter Handicap
July 16, 2017 6:00 PM - 7:00 PM (EST)
 Hitter Handicap - Crack The Code On Hitting

Complete your Coaches Profile to be able to offer Hitter Handicap to your clients , at your academy or on a remote basis.

Set up at an event and offer testing services. 

Licensing fee is $495 and then $49.95 a month to offer unlimited testing for Hitter Handicap receiving the support and resources of our customized platform.  You will be able to offer an App Based approach along with a Player Profile to track progression.
Measure, Develop and Project using this simple process.  Is it really that easy?.....

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Stars and Stripes Sports is the Nationwide Leader in Player Development.  The Sports Eco System provides resources for your family so they can set and reach goals based upon data. You will receive ongoing support and resources as a part of this family.  We truly are excited to be a part of your child's development on and off the field!

Incredible opportunity for a player to train at home and to measure their performance. The Hitter Handicap is THE MOST IMPORTANT purchase for your child to learn how to hit. Communication is key in allowing an athlete to understand what is needed to improve.  Remove the frustration and simplify the approach for all ages.  Golf and Bowling have been long standing sports whose "Handicap" provides the foundation of the sport.  

A Hitter Handicap goes with you and varies as you are learning your swing.  Each Hitter should have a goal and train daily to have the lowest handicap possible.  As a hitter is training to become  better, they are getting instant feedback and learning to "Calibrate" their swing. Hitter's look to increase their Exit Velocity, they know not to gain Exit Velocity at the expense of their Hitter Handicap.  You may hit a drive 300 Yards, However,  you will not play on the PGA tour with a 25 Handicap!!  You will not be a good hitter if you can not duplicate proper swing mechanics on a consistent basis.  Hitter Handicap gives you the necessary feedback and direction to "Find" your proper swing and establish a swing that you can consistently take to the plate with you.

Digest how simple this is for athletes, coaches, parents and recruiters to understand.  A hitter who can duplicate a swing within a 1 to 3 mile an hour variance is going to be a great hitter at every level.  A Major League player can duplicate their swing within a 3 mile an hour variance thus making them a master at their skill. Have your hitter focusing on what it takes to generate a swing that is controlled and producing consistency and you will see a hitter properly prepared to execute at game time.  Data will prove the relevance with the Hitter Handicap to the top hitters on a team, the strikeout ratio's, etc. 

The Mental MRI provided by Stars and Stripes Sports can assist when athletes have trouble transferring the "Cage Results" onto the field. A good approach is a good result and a proper mental approach will be the final touches for a hitter to perform at the highest level. Hitting Coaches can use this tool to guide and direct their clients.  Every hitter who is getting lessons needs to KNOW they are getting better, this is the only know measurement tool that allows for that accountability.

The Hitter Handicap program offered here allows the hitter to track the data and use reporting to better understanding proper training and to prove/validate the players swing is getting better. This subscription comes with a Player Profile which will retain all of the results from testing.  Each hitter should test on a weekly basis to track progression and record results that can be used in development.  When at the recruiting age, your player profile can be viewed by College Recruiters that can see your progression and amount of work you have put in.  

Hitters will be able to go to an Approved Testing Academy to validate their Hitter Handicap as a form of competition and validation.  This inexpensive approach provides solutions for all types of players and budgets.  Stars and Stripes Sports will be providing special opportunities for players who can Master Their Skill.  The Hitter Handicap is going to be the measurement tool to provide recognition and opportunity.

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