WristWidget Pro - Injury management
Season: Specialized Training Program
March 1, 2021 (PST)
AT Home Or Own Your Own (California)
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 WristWidget Pro - Injury management 

WristWidget is excited to offer a specialized injury management and training program to 25 WristWidget Clients. We receive thousands of emails from our clients who purchase WristWidgets and are in need of injury management to overcome barriers and to reintroduce their most loved activities.  We have teamed up with Test and Train Sports and have been providing remote services to clients who have reported great success.

We feel we can provide an ongoing service that will provide relief to our clients and enable them to gain better overall health while being able to attack specific issues that are holding them back.
Wendy Medeirios , Jan Scholtz and Kelly Ahrens will be administrating this exclusive program while proving to provide benefit to 25 people who we can assist in journey to find relief. This comprehensive program involves daily check-ins, tailored exercise prescriptions and team meetings to provide benefit to clients remotely.

Program costs $95 for registration fee and set up and then $95 a month each month thereafter.  It will take a minimum commitment of 4 months in the program for one to achieve proper benefits and to get on the right track to recovery.  Clients will receive professional services to discover, monitor and provide programming that can provide relief to each clients specific needs.

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