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USSSA Summer Nationals Athlete Assessment
Season: Sport Testing
July 31, 2020 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM (EST)
Riverside Park (Evans, Georgia)
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 USSSA Summer Nationals Athlete Assessment

Please register and set up a digital athletic profile if you have not done so before. USSSA teams participating in the USSSA Summer Nationals will be able to test their current athletic abilities.  Test and Train Sports (http://www.testandtrainsports.com/benchmarks) will supervise the testing process.

Please register for this event and make sure to download Peak Performance Network mobile app to your phone so you can receive communication and input your testing data after the event. 

Players will be tested on the 60 Yard dash, Pro Agility Shuttle, Grip strength, Shoulder flexibility, Stand and Reach,  Broad Jump, Vertical Jump, Exit Velocity and Throwing Velocity

Players will receive a Scorecard at the event which they will take to each testing station to record their attempts, at the end of the event, the athlete will turn in the white copy of the scorecard and then keep the yellow copy.  Players should immediately take a picture of the scorecard and upload to their Peak Performance Network profile.  Once completed athlete should also log into their account and to the testing event and record their numbers from the testing. You can review the site above to see how you match up.

If you have tested before you can go into your account and compare results from previous testings.

Your digital profile can be used to track your daily progressions in development as well as allowing you to receive professional instruction in skill development, physical development and mental development.

Athletes can take the Mental MRI by going to www.mentalmri.com  Cost is $95 and this is a key piece to creating and sustaining a good approach that will allow the athlete to reach their potential.

We will need volunteers to work stations to record scores and complete testing protocols.  Please advise if you are able to assist.

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