Season: Specialized Training Program
March 17, 2021 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM (PST)
AT Home Or Own Your Own (California)
 Gaining back wrist strength, range of motion and the ability to complete activities of daily life are initial goals to be achieved when dealing with ulnar sided wrist pain. The ability to build tolerance to more activities that you enjoy should be the focus of your approach.

What about going beyond daily activities? How do you approach participation in sport, lifting weights, physically demanding occupations and managing future risks of ulnar sided wrist pain? In Comprehensive, we offer a personalized approach to injury management that does not focus on the wrist in isolation. This service offers tracking of physical activity load on the body as a whole, with periodization and structured approaches to improve tolerance of activities that are required to meet your goals.

Comprehensive is an ongoing process, with real-time adjustments based on your physical demands and responses. This program will equip you for life

Pay $99.95 a month or $995.00 for a year

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