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Mental MRI 4.0
Season: Mental MRI
April 27, 2020 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM (EST)
 Mental MRI 4.0- Athlete
Cost $495
•	Review Mental MRI (45 Min Video Conference), Self-Scouting Report and How to Coach Me with Athletic Development Coach
•	1 HR- Video Conference Session with Dr. Tom Hanson (Mr. Mental MRI)- Choice of topic discussion based upon initial Mental MRI review with Athletic Development Coach. 
•	Self-Sports Testing-(Athlete tests at home or can attend a Test and Train-Test event) Gather physical Sports Testing numbers with mobile app using Test and Train – Test
•	Hitter Handicap- Self Test mobile app with Test and Train-Test
•	Receive athlete evaluation from Test and Train Sync- Athletic Development Coach stating strengths, weakness, and action plan
•	 Review and set Goals with goal tracking mobile app
•	Year-End review of goals and status (1-Hour Video Conference) 
•	Online- Confidence Generator course
•	Online- Complete Course
•	Athletic Development Programming- 1-Year
•	Daily Athletic Performance Surveys
•	Activity Log
•	Self-Re-Testing and Hitter Handicap Self Re-Testing every 90 Days

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