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April 6, 2024 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM (CST)
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 Due to the various reasons stated below, colleges need an immediate impact on their rosters. Most college teams do not have the time frame to develop players over 2-3 years and need impact players right away. 

Growth, physicality, and body development is different from one player to another. This means some players give up on the opportunity to play college baseball due to their size and lack of development way too soon. Most players see this increase in size and strength happen after they graduate from high school. High D1 and D2 college baseball has never been more competitive than right now.   Players are passing up on going to the MLB draft and staying in college baseball with the NIL opportunities. This creates a roadblock for college players with less opportunities available to pursue college baseball. 

This NEW College Game is a huge jump for high school ball players to adjust to. D1 Power 5 baseball talent is on level of low-level professional baseball, and the talent in the Top 25 is on level with AA professional baseball. Players coming off injuries that did not have a senior year to showcase their ability need a place where they can show colleges that they are healthy and can contribute to a program. College Freshman who went to college only to find out that playing time is extremely hard to get when competing against 40-50 players on the roster. Other players did not have the ability to be seen with high level players ahead of them on the roster or coming from schools that were not heavily recruited. 

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