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Strong Grips Hitting Program
Season: 2017-2019 State Team Season
August 23, 2018 8:00 AM - 9:00 AM (EST)
At Home Or On Your Own
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 The Strong Grips Hitting Program has been tested and proven over the last year and a half providing a great benefit to hitters looking to find their swing. The Hitter Handicap is used to test the hitters and benchmark numbers before training with the Strong Grips.  Much trial and error has provided proper programming that increases muscular endurance, builds strength and increases a hitters skill. Tested with hitters as young as 6 years old to college and professional age players, we have determined this easy application works for anyone who is willing to apply the prescribed training.

It is a must to provide proof that what a hitter is doing in training is helping them get better and the results are proven on the field of play.  If a hitter is not developing properly and not getting anticipated results on the field, then changes in training must take place.   Each and every athlete is different and needs targeted individualized instruction in order to reach potential.  The cost of the Strong Grips are only $59.95 and last a lifetime in many applications in hitting and strength training.  These training aids are the best-valued investment one can make.

Hitters can train at home with the guidance of trained Strong Grips professionals. Hitters receive a Digital Athletic Profile that is managed in an Athlete Management System which creates accountability and takes the guesswork out.  The Hitter Handicap is utilized to calibrate the hitter's approach and improve the potential for success on game day.  The specialized training addresses the key elements in hitting such as sequence, timing, load, and finish.  The training has proved to create a more balanced hitter who is better prepared to have success on game day because they have a calibrated swing and successful approach resulting in a good result.

The cost to participate in the Strong Grips Hitting Program is a one time fee of $99.95 and $29.95 a month on a month to month basis.  This program can be set up immediately and managed through the Athlete Managment System allowing for streamlined communication, video capture and analysis along with centralized tracking of all steps involved in the process.

First Payment of $99.95 shall be made with this initial payment. Monthly Membership will be billed at a rate of $29.95 a month after 30 days.

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